Public Water Access

Calico Creek Boardwalk
  • Boardwalk runs from North 19th and Bay Street along Calico Creek to North 22nd Street.
City Docks – 807 Shepard Street
  • Boat rental docks (10) with restroom and shower facilities. Shared parking at Jaycee Park.
  • City Docks are managed by Waterfront Ferry Services @ Portside Marina.
  • For Docking Service: Contact 252-726-2457 or 252-726-7678.
Conchs Point – 608 Bay Street
  • Public water access with gazebo and floating dock.
Newport River Boat Ramps & Pier (Radio Island) – 301 Highway 70 
  • Public water access with boat launches (6), fishing pier (418’), trailer parking (56), and restrooms.
North 11th Street Water Access – North 11th & Edgewater Place 
  • Public water access with dock.
South 6th Street Day Docks – South 6th & Evans Street  
  • Day docks with shared parking.
South 10th Street Water Access & Boat Ramp – 1001 Shepard Street 
  • Public water access with parking, pier, and boat launch (1) for boats 16’ or less.
South 11th Street Water Access – South 11th & Shepard Street 
  • Public water access with parking and hand launching capabilities for canoes, kayaks, and catamarans.
South 12th Street Water Access – 401 South 12th Street
  • Walter Lewis Landing public water access with a bench (1) and a picnic table (1).
South 13th Street Water Access – South 13th Street & Shackleford Street 
  • Public water access with boardwalk and dock.
South 16th Street Water Access – South 16th & Shackleford Street
  • Public water access with concrete walk.
South 28th Street Water Access – South 28th & Evans Street  
  • Public water access with bench, rocks, and parking.
Sunset Drive Water Access – South 32nd & Sunset Drive  
  • Public water access with boardwalk.